Waste Collecting Bucket - Muong Hung Project

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Product description

  • Trung Nguyen is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing waste collection bucket specilized for low water column and light - turbine type hydropower plants, optimizing the waste collection efficiency of these hydropower plants.
  • Waste collection buckets designed and manufactured by Trung Nguyen can collect large and varies amounts of waste on the sides and bottom of cage waste racks.
  • We have successfully installed and tested in many hydroelectric plants.
  • Muong Hung - Son La Hydropower waste collection bucket has the following main parameters:

         Lifting height: 36 meters 

         Designed bucket capacity: 7 cubic meters

          Number of cylinders/opening force/cylinder process: According to Trung    Nguyen's design.

          Please contact Trung Nguyen for consultancy!

The reference video about Hydraulic Cylinder Waste Collecting Bucket designed and manufactured by Trung Nguyen: