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It is a special type of cranes, named after the application of the crane. Overhead cranes are mainly installed in the "engine room" of hydropower, thermal power plants or waste and sewage treatment plants. Overhead  cranes play an important role from construction to operation and maintenance stage of these plants.


The overhead crane has the same structure as other common cranes. It is also divided into two types: single-girder overhead crane and double-girder overhead crane depending on the size of the crane's installation space so that customers can choose the appropriate type of cranes. Basically, the overhead crane includes:

  • Trolley/ Lifting hoist: Single or double girder, main lifting capacity is from 2 tons to 500 tons or higher. Normally, customers often equipped with lifting hoist with main hook / auxiliary hook type for different using demands.
  • Main girder of a crane: it is often designed as single or double girder box. Due to the installation characteristics in the machine room, the girder aperture is usually not too large.
  • Crane movement mechanism: Directly move from gearbox to moving wheel. Slow moving speed, built-in inverter to soften the motion.
  • Trolley/lifting hoist power-supplying system: The span-worm shape flat cables/chain cables according to the craneaperture length.
  • Crane power-supplying system: Usually use 3-phase safe bar.
  • In addition, there are electric cabinets and other controlling– safe standard devices.